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Lee Brice

Lee Brice

Name : Lee Brice

Albums : 11

Bio : Lee Brice (born June 10, 1980 in Sumter, South Carolina) is an American country music artist. Signed to Curb Records' Asylum-Curb division since 2007, Brice has released four singles to country radio, all four of which have charted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Brice has also co-written singles for Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw and Adam Gregory. Lee Brice was born June 10, 1980 in Sumter, South Carolina. As a child, he learned to play the piano in addition to singing in church and writing his own songs.

Title Artist
1 3:40
Hard to Love Lee Brice
2 3:27
A Woman Like You Lee Brice
3 3:59
I Don't Dance Lee Brice
4 3:37
Love Like Crazy Lee Brice
5 3:51
I Drive Your Truck Lee Brice
6 3:27
Drinking Class Lee Brice
7 3:29
Parking Lot Party Lee Brice
8 3:30
That Don't Sound Like You Lee Brice
9 3:19
Boy Lee Brice
10 3:11
She Ain't Right Lee Brice
11 3:18
Rumor Lee Brice
12 3:30
Beautiful Every Time Lee Brice
13 3:19
That's When You Know It's Over Lee Brice
14 3:13
Girls in Bikinis Lee Brice
15 3:38
Friends We Won't Forget Lee Brice
16 3:06
Hard to Love (Acoustic) Lee Brice
17 4:31
Picture of Me Lee Brice
18 3:39
Happy Endings Lee Brice
19 4:55
That Way Again Lee Brice
20 3:27
Drinking Class Lee Brice
21 3:18
Beer Lee Brice
22 3:07
More Than a Memory (Acoustic) Lee Brice
23 3:30
That Don't Sound Like You Lee Brice
24 3:59
I Don't Dance Lee Brice
25 3:07
Don't Believe Everything You.. Lee Brice
26 3:55
Sumter County Friday Night Lee Brice
27 3:38
Upper Middle White Class White.. Lee Brice
28 3:24
Good Man Lee Brice
29 3:56
See About a Girl Lee Brice
30 3:30
Four on the Floor Lee Brice
31 3:12
She Ain't Right Lee Brice
32 4:33
Life Off My Years Lee Brice
33 3:04
Some Things Lee Brice
34 3:54
Show You Off Tonight Lee Brice
35 3:54
Sirens Lee Brice
36 3:40
Power of a Woman Lee Brice
37 3:23
Seven Days a Thousand Times Lee Brice
38 3:49
Carolina Boys Lee Brice
39 3:41
Somebody's Been Drinking Lee Brice
40 3:34
Sip It Slow (feat. Lee Brice) Colt Ford
41 1:51
Orange Empire Lee Brice
42 3:47
These Last Few Days Lee Brice
43 3:45
Falling Apart Together Lee Brice
44 3:32
What Keeps You up at Night Lee Brice
45 4:29
One More Day Lee Brice
46 3:23
The Best Part of Me Lee Brice
47 3:53
Always the Only One Lee Brice
48 4:08
Closer Lee Brice
49 2:40
You Can't Help Who You Love Lee Brice
50 3:34
Girls in Bikinis (Remix) Lee Brice & Bubba Sparxxx

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